What is Scrum?

For teams that do creative work, Scrum has become a popular management framework to help improve team focus and provide a disciplined pattern for continuous improvement.  Working with teams that use agile/scrum, it has been fun to see how the leadership and meeting patterns in scrum help improve positive communication in the organization.    I don’t present Scrum to you as “THE” perfect solution for running your projects.   No project management framework is perfect.   I,however, do believe that Scrum helps your team and organization discover ways to improve together.     As Ken Schwaber would note, Scrum has just enough structure to help your team start the continuous improvement process.

To help support some of my friends who are just getting started with Agile development,  I wanted to collect together a few free e-books that review Scrum, Kanban, and the engineering test practices linked to agile.    As we continue to improve our thinking around agile leadership, I believe it’s important to help our teams learn how to engineer software so that it’s easy to test and change.    Creating software that’s easy to test and change starts with thoughtful design.