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Michael Rosario

Michael Rosario

As an experienced software developer with over 19 years of experience, I enjoy helping organizations with agile software development, promoting cultures of innovation, and creative business solutions.  I enjoy helping organizations and software teams discover the craft of continuous improvement.   I am always looking for opportunities to serve leaders and teams who want to create more value with integrity, character, and predictability.

I also served as a founding member of SparkMacon MakerSpace.  SparkMacon is a community innovation space equipped with the tools, equipment, and grass-roots education required to convert your idea into a reality.   Think of it as a gym membership to exercise your creativity, hands and brain.

Professional  interests:

Professional Scrum Master


Professional Scrum Developer I

Certified Agilist for the Scalable Agile Framework.

Personal interests:

  • Having fun outdoors with my wife and family
  • My wife works as a college biology professor.   We have a lot of fun researching educational technology together to help engage her students.
  • Music making: playing violin, piano, guitar, MIDI sequencing, and music ministry
  • As a software engineer, I love the craft of making software and enjoy helping others accomplish their dreams using technology.


Contact info:


  • Amy K. Hoover, Michael P. Rosario, and Kenneth O. Stanley (2008) Scaffolding for Interactively Evolving Novel Drum Tracks for Existing Songs In: Proceedings of the Sixth European Workshop on Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design (EvoMUSART 2008). New York, NY: Springer, 2008 (10 pages) Winner of the Best Paper Award at EvoMUSART 2008 –
  • Aaron McKinney, Michael Rosario, Kevin Glover. “Game Based Learning and STEM Education.”  S.T.E.M. Magazine