5 Podcasts Discussing Opportunities and Applications of Deep Learning



Lie Detection using Azure Machine Learning with Jennifer Marsman

This is just a fun conversation about using machine learning in the context of lie detection. Jennifer Marsman works as an evangelist for Microsoft in their cognitive services. To offer a case study in Microsoft Azure’s machine learning services, she started building a lie detector for her husband. And … it worked! She started generalizing the training to work on a broader range of people. Check out the conversation to see how she used it on her boss! It’s a fun conversation that gives  insight to  opportunities of machine learning.

Competitive Machine Learning with Anthony Goldbloom

“How can competition teach machine learning? Carl and Richard talk to Anthony Goldbloom of Kaggle about competitive machine learning. Kaggle hosts competitions provided by industry and academia to find machine learning solutions on different data sets. While the competitive aspects tend toward only particular types of data sets, Anthony talks about how two very different machine learning algorithms – Gradient Boosting Machine and Deep Recurrent Neural Networks – have risen to the top. Want to learn machine learning in a hurry? Join a competition!”
Machine Learning for all with TensorFlow with Andy Kitchen

Scott Hanselman and Andy Kitchen discuss Google’s Deep Learning framework known as TensorFlow. This is a good summary of practices of machine learning and how to get started
with learning Google’s open source machine learning tools.

Descartes Labs with Tim Kelton

I got to meet some of the founders of Descartes Labs at a recent conference. This organization has the mission to build a living atlas of the world. This startup has successfully organized, collected, and data mined petabytes of satellite data using Google Cloud services and Amazon cloud offerings.   With their living atlas of the world, they produce very accurate forecasts of crop production helpful in agriculture.  They build their insights from machine learning, computer vision algorithms and careful usage of satellite data.  (many of these datasets are free)    Descartes Lab is a great case study of machine learning and cloud services offering government and private industry incredible value based on open data.

TensorFlow with Eli Bixby

“Eli Bixby, Developer Programs Engineer at Google, tells your cohosts Francesc and Mark all about TensorFlow and its applications. Do you want to know what neural networks are? Why does TensorFlow exists? How to get started with it?”

TIM O’REILLY on the opportunity of open data

While this podcast does not discuss machine learning, this conversation with visionary Tim O’Reilley discusses the opportunities of the open data movement in government.  In 2009, the CEO of O’Reilly Media outlines the positive impacts open data can have empowering citizens to understand their government at a deeper level. Organizations like http://sunlightfoundation.com organize open data into apps, reports, services to transform government.


Have you seen other cool applications of deep learning or machine learning? Share a comment below!

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