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We had a great turnout for our Google developer group meetup for Google Gemini. Gemini represents the latest innovation in large language model technology from Google. Gemini is a multi-modal model with strong text generation, image generation, and image analysis capabilities. Many Google fans look forward to seeing extended integration of Gemini into their favorite products: Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Workspace. In contrast to the free version of ChatGPT, Gemini tends to return more current insight.

I appreciated the “town hall” feel of our GDG event. Across the community, it was fun to share insights and perspectives from the group. Many members wanted to understand the industry factors driving the fast pace of innovation for LLM technology. We discussed that LLM technology feels disruptive since computers can accomplish helpful tasks related to analysis, reasoning, summarization, content tagging, and having conversations. We reflected upon the strong innovation value gained by deep learning and neural network technology. With the availability of cloud technology, improvements in ML processor technology, and market pressure to innovate in AI/ML, recent years have created the conditions for transformer technology to truly grow. In the browser wars, we saw friendly competition between Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla leading us to the high-performance NodeJS ecosystem that exists today. This pattern will continue between OpenAI, Google, and the open-source family of GenAI products.

We talked a great deal about the ethics and best practices around LLM technology. In the view of our community, we believe GenAI continue to become a disruptive force in the economy. As developers and makers, we need to actively support the GenAI in a manner that creates economic opportunity for everyone. As a guy with grey hair, I especially think about the ways we should create jobs for early career professionals. This is why this workshop feels important to me. We encouraged developers to ethically use data sources for GenAI. We also discussed the opportunities we have to avoid bias and misinformation in the construction of AI systems.

Thank you to our community for joining us for GDG Central Florida! We look forward to future sessions extending this topic.

The following are links to the quick-start tutorials we explored. Feel free to give them a test drive. If you need help or support with these labs, join our slack channel for our community. We will do our best to help you.

Links to quick starts
* Google AI Studio
* Python
* NodeJs

Link to my slides

Favorite AI apps mentioned by the community

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