NeoWare Studios: Startup Community Growing East Orlando


Hi, Orlando freelancers and startups! Looking for a practical and fun location to host your business and team? Check out the community at Neoware Studios in Oviedo, Florida. Due to the location, you have nice proximity to talent and insight offered by UCF, Full sail, and other great colleges. From talking to the staff, it’s clear that they have a passion for helping their East Orlando freelancers and startups sustain and grow. There are many good movements in the startup community of East Orlando. I’m excited to see NeoWare studios amplifying these trends. Their community is providing a delightful alternative to the traffic and parking costs related to hosting your business in the downtown area of Orlando.

Like makerspaces, co-working spaces offer value to their host companies by fostering a community and network of businesses that can support each other. I had the pleasure of spending the day with the co-working staff yesterday to get a feel for the community and space. If you need legal assistance, it’s kind of cool that you can roll your chair over and find help. Need help with marketing, website design, or an app, there are multiple companies to support you. Need to fix your damaged mobile device, NeoWare has a company to help you. From my observations of one day, I found the space effective, the companies friendly, and their staff caring and supportive.  It’s exciting to hear them expanding their physical space enabling them to grow their community and host local tech and business meetup events potentially.

And did I mention that this co-working space is in the Oviedo mall? The Oviedo mall has a good amount of shoppers who are in the “family-friendly” sector. Watching the door to the coworking space, it was neat to see mall visitors being curious about the community of businesses hosted in the space and the coworking space concept. I’m curious if this coworking space might be open to doing “popup” shopping experiences to serve their host companies. If you’re interested in getting discovered as a brand, hosting your company in the mall with Neoware Studios could be a compelling concept.  Here are a few samples you can see from their window.

If your team needs a Star-bucks break or needs a snack, you can just run down to the food court.   Need to de-stress?  Take the team down to the arcade for some playful team building.   🙂  In general, I’m a fan of the community contributions mall spaces provide. Due to the rise of Amazon shopping and e-commerce, I’ve been sad to see these awesome spaces for community decline. I believe NeoWare’s vision of revitalizing malls as spaces for freelancers and startups will be an important mission to address all across our country. I love seeing innovative ways to bring vitality to malls as community spaces. According to NeoWare’s roadmap, they hope to perfect their startup model and apply their services to malls across the country.

It’s exciting to hear the staff vision to expand the space and community of NeoWare to rethink the fundamental mall community experience. What are the ways that malls can celebrate and amplify local talent and startups? Can startup communities also have an impact on social entrepreneurs and grow the impact of non-profits? I loved hearing that NeoWare is considering the installation of a maker space to their value offerings too. They see the value in maker education and “learning by doing” education models.

It should be known that NeoWare’s core comes from internet marketing, apps, and building augmented reality experiences. I think their proximity and relationship to local retailers give them the perfect research ground to discover how to amplify the shopping experiences using the web and augmented reality. Here are a few ideas that will become more popular in the future.

Hope you consider checking NeoWare Studio out. Oviedo has a proud tradition of being community-friendly and welcoming.   Looking forward to seeing this community grow.

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