GoogleIO Extended Hackathon – Thank Yous – Day1

Starting July 22nd, Google developer group of Central Florida (GDGCF) kick off our IO Extended hackathon. We want to give a big high five to the Florida community who attended. Our community loves project-based learning. It will be exciting to see our innovators taking ideas from the Google IO conference and applying them to their startup concepts or personal projects.

This hackathon will continue execute through Oct 29th. On the last day of the hackathon, we will gather for a “in-person” demo day. Learn more about this event at the following link:

Demo day for IOConnectHackathon – July 29

If you’re still interested in jumping into the hackathon, consider checking out “kick-off” information here. Please join our GDGCF slack channel and express your interest in starting a project or joining an existing effort.

We do want to thank Suvaditya for sharing his thoughtful perspective on the theory of deep learning and attention. It was interesting to learn that KerasCV can connect to TensorFlow and PyTorch execution models. I do appreciate the concise and engaging surface area of the KerasCV community. The team had fun experimenting with making fun AI images. In honor of our Dr. Who fans out there, we tried to make some “Dinosaurs on a spaceship!” Clearly, we need to work on our prompt engineering, but we had fun. Thankful Suvaditya for your influence and perspective.

Big thank you to all our Florida GDG organizers. Thank you for caring for our community! Collaborating with you guys is amazing!!

We want to give a shout out to some of the project themes.
– Several teams seem curious about levering pose estimation models. One team will leverage pose estimation to encourage good posture.
– Excited for a team that will leverage emotion detection in an avatar building process.
– There are several teams moving forward with fitness related applications.
– One innovator got curious about using conversational AI in a gaming concept. This team will explore using Palm 2 API in this context.
– There’s fun excitement over generative image technology.
– A team will be looking into data aggregation for finance forecasting
– One team wants to build a hackathon platform using Flutter.
– Flutter got some amazing love during the hackathon. Many teams will advance their work using Flutter.

We do want to thank all the GDE’s who engaged with mentorship through the week. Your efforts are very appreciated.

To our GDG hackathon community, please know that the mentors and team are here for you. We look forward to supporting you through the week. Make sure to connect with us on slack in the general channel if you need anything. As new team members show up, we will use that space to encourage introductions.

And may the source be with you!

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