7 Links on Architecture and Angular Design

Reflecting on growing communities
  • DevSecOps with Sandy Carielli & Janet Worthington by John Callaway – I appreciate the practical guidance from this conversation on agile, security and operations. In this podcast, the Six figure developer podcast and their guests explore general patterns and gotya’s associated with increasing security posture.
  • Pro Microservices in .NET 6 with Whitesell, Rich, and Groves by John Callaway – In our journey with DevOps, we continue to strive to balance simplicity against the requirements of reliability, security, performance, and observability. In this cast, you get a nice survey of trends and common snags encountered in DevOps culture. I liked their ideas regarding tracing transactions over different micro-services.
  • STOP Over-Engineering Software! by Derek Comartin – Over the weekend, my kids called me out on “over thinking” problems at times. Guilty! I’m an engineer. In this post, Derek talks about the benefits of working the business to understand requirements more deeply to avoid assumptions and YAGNI code. I like the ideas around using bounded context with the business and creating autonomy between those contexts.
  • Distributed Tracing to discover a Distributed BIG BALL of MUD by Derek Comartin
  • The Angular Developer’s Nx Handbook – AiA 350 by chuck@topenddevs.com (Charles Max Wood) – Nx is a smart, fast and extensible build system for Angular apps. Join the Adventures in Angular podcast as they talk about the benefits of this tooling and a related ebook.
  • Angular Extended Diagnostics by Doug Parker
  • An Update on Standalone Components by Alex Rickabaugh

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