5 Podcasts to Advance Your Dev Career and Leadership

Podcasts to grow your career

Web Platform Podcast: If you’re interested in staying connected with the latest trends in the web as a platform, you’ll enjoy our friends at the Web platform podcast. In the node/Javascript, development community, things change almost every week. I think the Web Platform Podcast does a good job focusing on important tools and frameworks that productively advance the modern web. In recent episodes, they’ve covered topics like Progressive web apps, WebRTC, Angular, Polymer, Web components, Web assembly, and more.


The 6 Figure Developer Podcast: This podcast focuses on professional development, leadership, and software engineering trends. Given that I work as a software engineering consultant, I find it helpful to hear experiences from other professionals working in the Florida area who care about the craft of software engineering and leadership. Some of my favorite conversations and topics include ‘From Corporate to Freelance’, ‘Favorite Programming Books’, agile engineering, and patterns and practices.

Check them out at https://6figuredev.com

Chris LoCurto: Through a master mind group, I became very engaged with the book EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. During this time, I got connected to Chris LoCurto who hosted the EntreLeadership podcast. (This is also a quality podcast to check out). Chris now runs his own consulting group focusing on life coaching and business leadership strategy. He covers topics ranging from creating a powerful business culture, improving team communication, defining key result areas for your team, and life balance. While his advice will help you advance your bottom line, he’s also awesome at connecting his faith life to his core business. I know he wants to help founders do the same. He’s a great teacher and his lessons will change your life.

Check out his podcast at https://chrislocurto.com .

How I Built This: I do believe it’s important to understand how to foster positive cultures, a growth mindset, and attitudes of resilience. Many of these qualities can be found in the founders of startups and businesses. With that said, the “How I Built This” podcast has become one of my favorite business interview podcasts. Guy Raz of NPR does an amazing job of connecting with interesting brands like Lyft, Dell, AirBnB, Atari, Slack, Zappos and Kickstarter uncovering the origin stories straight from the founders. I enjoy the way Guy brings out the human side of the founders while analyzing the growth and impact of the organizations. It’s interesting to learn how organizations start, iterate toward their success or find it through “luck+preparation.”


Coding Blocks: While digging into domain driven design for work, I discovered an Orlando-based podcasting community called “Coding blocks” reviewing that topic. You’ll enjoy the authentic and laid back style of the “Coding blocks” podcast. While the speakers work in a .NET development environment, they review “ever-green” topics that cut across all technology stacks like: design, architecture, leadership, clean code, and pragmatic programming stuff. They often organize their content around important books in our industry.  This podcast focuses on helping you become a better software professional. It’s a pretty fun conversation, authentic and helpful in advancing your mindset as a developer.

Check them out at https://www.codingblocks.net/


What are some of your favorite YouTube channels or podcasts that keep you inspired? Leave a comment below!

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